Pelion Preserved now available

I’m excited to announce that the third book of Anna LaForge’s Maze series–Pelion Preserved –is now available in print and ebook versions. We are extremely please that Publishers Weekly gave the book a starred review, saying:

LaForge’s lush, descriptive worldbuilding is in top form here, as even brief mentions of homelands by single characters create intriguing possibilities…

…This is a complex, well-woven conclusion to a fascinating series.

You can find the book and e-book at your favorite retailer.

Pelion Preserved Kickstarter Progress

Kicktraq is a great way to track the progress of a Kickstarter campaign. Here’s a current look at how our Pelion Preserved campaign is progressing:


Thank you to all who have contributed so far! With your help we’ll be able to bring the book to life.

Publish Pelion Preserved Kickstarter Campaign

PP1Following the successful publication of the first two novels of Anna LaForge in her trilogy by Newcal Publishing, the KickStarter campaign for the third book, Pelion Preserved, is underway. If you are interested in supporting the efforts of independent publishers and authors, here is a chance to make a modest donation and have copies of all three books delivered to you in electronic or traditional book form. Funds will be used for a copyeditor, map-maker, and to help with some advertising and promotion.


Agave Revealed now available

I’m excited to announce that the second book of Anna LaForge’s Maze series–Agave Revealed–is now available in print and ebook versions.  As an added plus, Publishers Weekly and Library Journal have favored Agave Revealed with two very good reviews:

“LaForge’s worldbuilding is lush and diverse… a frequently engrossing exploration of post-Earth societies.”  — Publishers Weekly

“LaForge’s compelling story…should appeal to fans of visionary fiction such as Frank Herbert’s Dune.”  — Library Journal

If you are interested in more information about the book, please visit Anna’s website.  From there, you can obtain a signed paperback copy directly from her website.  If you wish to purchase other ways, links to many purchasing options are on the front page of her website.

Newcal at Wiscon’37

I accompanied author Anna LaForge to Wiscon’37 over the Memorial Day weekend in late May.   Wiscon is widely know to be the worlds leading feminist science fiction convention, and we are using it as a launch platform for the second novel by Anna in her Maze series, Agave Revealed.   Anna participated in two readings, as well as a panel discussion about “favorite books.”

Even though new to the publishing game, I also participated in a panel entitled “Large House, Small Press, Self-Publishing: The Good, The Bad, and The Surprising.”   Here’s the description from the Wiscon’37 program booklet:

“There are pluses and minuses to all the different publishing models available to authors today. This panel explores the strengths and weaknesses of each and what tools you’ll need to help yourself succeed, whether you’re an indie author or your house’s newest literary darling. What are the rewards and sacrifices of each publishing model? What deep, dark secrets are hidden under their surfaces? Do you need an Author Platform and a finely tuned social media plan like some suggest? Should you buy ads on Facebook or Goodreads for your books? Share advice, horror stories, and warnings about any publishing model.”


The moderator was author Wesley Chu, and I was joined by Sarah Carless from Kobo, author Jesi Lea Ryan and a senior editor from Tor Books, Jim Frenkel.  I thought it was a very lively discussion, and it was great to have many different experiences and opinions on the panel.

Second book from Anna LaForge is on the way

The second book by Anna LaForge in her series MAZE is coming soon!   The Agave Translation will be published in 2013, and continues the story begun in book one, The Marcella Fragment.

The Marcella Fragment now available!

The Marcella Fragment is now available for the Kindle from, but will be available in other formats soon.   On May 14th, you will be able to obtain the ebook for the Nook from Barnes & Noble, for the iPad from the Apple iBookstore, and for other platforms through  In addition, the ebook will be distributed through Ingram Digital to additional retail outlets.

The trade paperback version of The Marcella Fragment will be available on June 8, 2012, from, and other book retailers.

Open for business

Newcal Publishing is proud to be publishing the first novel of Anna LaForge. Her book The Marcella Fragment will be published in 2012, and will be followed by additional books in her series The Maze.

The book will initially be available for the Kindle through, and shortly thereafter for the Nook through Barnes & Noble and through the Apple Bookstore for the iPad. Following the availability in these e-book formats, Newcal Publishing will offer The Marcella Fragment in print.

Newcal Publishing took on the complete formatting and production of the final ebook and print master, thus allowing Anna to focus her efforts on interacting with readers. In addition, Newcal Publishing helped develop Anna’s presence on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads, in addition to developing her website at