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Newcal at Wiscon’37

I accompanied author Anna LaForge to Wiscon’37 over the Memorial Day weekend in late May.   Wiscon is widely know to be the worlds leading feminist science fiction convention, and we are using it as a launch platform for the second novel by Anna in her Maze series, Agave Revealed.   Anna participated in two readings, as well as a panel discussion about “favorite books.”

Even though new to the publishing game, I also participated in a panel entitled “Large House, Small Press, Self-Publishing: The Good, The Bad, and The Surprising.”   Here’s the description from the Wiscon’37 program booklet:

“There are pluses and minuses to all the different publishing models available to authors today. This panel explores the strengths and weaknesses of each and what tools you’ll need to help yourself succeed, whether you’re an indie author or your house’s newest literary darling. What are the rewards and sacrifices of each publishing model? What deep, dark secrets are hidden under their surfaces? Do you need an Author Platform and a finely tuned social media plan like some suggest? Should you buy ads on Facebook or Goodreads for your books? Share advice, horror stories, and warnings about any publishing model.”


The moderator was author Wesley Chu, and I was joined by Sarah Carless from Kobo, author Jesi Lea Ryan and a senior editor from Tor Books, Jim Frenkel.  I thought it was a very lively discussion, and it was great to have many different experiences and opinions on the panel.